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SPOT shared this announcement 2 months ago

Check out the newest addition to the SPOT Forum the Dry Cleaning Operations forum. It's a place to ask questions, share comments and interact with other dry cleaning owners, operators and managers about broader, industry issues not related to software or the SPOT system.  We hope you enjoy the new site!

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Searching for a report that is incoming sales only broken down by sales representative. We have been running Incoming detail report under the report gallery for quite sometime. We have encountered a problem with the report. The report does not break down by route sales person. In addition, although it captures the incoming detail of inbound orders it also picks up when changes are made to the order as well as when we transfer to another location. We are searching for a report that captures inbound sales, minus sales tax, minus coupons and discounts for a date range.



We have a request for a report to help us track us dollars coming in in a real time manner.

Here are the details of the request:

We pay our salespeople by total collected dollars from their customer (Deposit received and also later when the final payment is collected).

We deduct the sales tax and the shipping charges.

To be clear, Total Collected Dollars means actual money they collected during a period of time. It does not mean invoice amount.

We need a report that gets us this information by a date range.

What report tracks the financial performance of a route salesperson?

If the route customer picks up the completed order in the store and pays at the store, we need to know those dollars, also.

Something like this:

DateCustomerInvoice DateDeposit CollectedDelivered by salespersonRoute customer pick up at storeInvoice AmountSales Tax




4-AprStephens20-Jan 324 80864



5-AprLipper25-Feb 980 150090

7-AprDillon1-Mar 7082442160


7-AprCarnn19-Mar 21303345195




TOTAL 8325130428388095509


How do we print graphs? We can view them by clicking the "Graphs" button on the main menu - but the print button is greyed out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


I need to be able to apply a payment based on statements. In other words, if a client skips a statement and pays the next statement, I need to be able to apply the payment to the second statement. Currently, it's done manually by clicking an individual invoice/ticket. Especially, with a larger hotel account, it's a nightmare to go through each ticket.

Thank you,