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Get the latest industry information on our new Dry Cleaning 2.0 Forum

SPOT shared this announcement 12 months ago

Check out the newest addition to our SPOT Forum the Dry Cleaning 2.0 Forum. This is not a technical site, but rather a place to share some of the many daily changes, issues, and challenges that we’re seeing and experiencing in the dry cleaning industry.

No one can argue that the recent economic shock will alter how we all do business and right now, questions are many and information is in short supply. At SPOT, we recognize that one of the greatest assets is our customer base and the collective knowledge, sophistication, and experience is unparalleled in our industry. We invite you to use this space to share ideas, ask questions and interact with other dry cleaning owners, operators, and managers about best practices for moving forward toward recovery.

For our part, SPOT has begun to share weekly information to the industry regarding national activity for the dry cleaning market. We will use this forum to post daily information regarding national sales, as well as other periodic industry-wide data. The objective is to help you understand current trends and provide timely and immediate information so that you can make better business and operational decisions.

This forum and this information are being offered exclusively to our customers as a way of saying ‘Thank You’. At SPOT, we see ourselves as a partner in your success and our product as a tool to help take your business from good to great.

We hope you enjoy the new site!

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