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Welcome to the SPOT Users Forum and Portal. 

The site is a great place to share thoughts with other SPOT users and submit your questions, feature suggestions and enhancement ideas. So let us know what's on your mind!

If you're new to the forum, click here to register.  Registration requests are moderated, and therefore can take a few hours to be processed.  Otherwise, if you already have an account, just proceed to the Login page by clicking on the link at the upper right corner of the screen.

The forum is provided as a community resource for SPOT users to share comments and ideas, ask questions, propose feature requests and enhancements, highlight functionality and operational issues or just give a shout-out or good old-fashioned "atta-boy".  

Be certain to constantly monitor the Feature Request section.  Here you can vote for your favorite enhancements or present some new ideas of your own.  Use your votes wisely, however, as everyone starts with ten votes.  And, as popular features are up-voted,  they will proceed to development in an upcoming release and those votes returned for future re-use.

So explore the site and participate with your fellow SPOT users.  We hope you enjoy the new forum and find it to be a useful and engaging tool.

- The SPOT Team